Linguee: Searching For Translation

Multilingual Corpora tools are not easy to found in the world of online translation. Their complexity and non-easy task of offering texts in several languages is one of the reasons. In the following lines, we will talk about how one of them works: Linguee.  A translation tool that is gaining ground on the Internet.

 Linguee combines an editorial dictionary and a search engine with which you can search hundreds of millions of bilingual texts for words and expressions. Linguee itself is not an automatic translation machine, it cannot translate as other translation tools do. In fact, what it really does is to show results from the editorial dictionary and professionally translated texts available on the Internet in two or more languages.

You can search for single word-translations, but Linguee is highly useful when we want to look for expressions, idioms and  set phrases.  Some other translation tools just translate the words or phrases literally, but as Linguee searches for real human-made translations, the success of translating in contextual texts is highly assured.

 Let’s see how it works:

  • Searching for expressions: ‘right away’ . English > Spanish

Sin título

  • Searching for idioms: ‘jugar con fuego’. Spanish > English

Sin título

  • Searching for set phrases: ‘speak of the devil’. English > Spanish

Sin título

On one hand, we can see on the left side the results given by the dictionary.  In the first two options, we can see that Linguee gives us the exact definition for what we asked, in the last example, Linguee  does not found any match, so it shows us non-exact matches that look closely related to our words.

On the other hand, in the right side, Linguee offers us the different translated texts containing the expressions or phrases: For the first two expression, Linguee did not have any problem giving us the correct solution, “Right away> de inmediato” and “jugar con fuego> play with fire”, in the proper contextual texts.  However, with the last example, the results are not so accurate. Linguee has directly translated “speak of the devil” to “nombrar al diablo“, when in an appropriate context it should have meant: “hablando del Rey de Roma”.

In conclusion, Linguee is a unique translation tool that has made an improvement in the world of online translation:

  • It is a useful tool when we want to see expressions in different contexts and appreciate how they have been translated by other people.
  • It helps us out when we want to look for idiomatic expressions, something that other translation tools do not give the possibility to do so, due to  their limitation in understanding the context of languages.
  • But, Linguee is  still  a machine and cannot yet be compared to supervised human translation, even if it displays professionally translated examples.
  • It is not an automatic translator, it cannot translate complete texts.

Nevertheless, Linguee gives us the chance to contribute and improve the quality of the translations:

  1. We can suggest new translations.Sin título
  2. Rate the quality of the translated sentences.Sin título
  3. Provide additional information and improve wrong dictionary entries.

Sin título

Besides, Linguee is available in English to German, Spanish, French or/and Portuguese. Thanks to its rapid growth is also currently working in many other languages such as Russian, Japanese or Greek. But that is not all, it also suggests other word combinations, warns us about possible wrong translations and offers information about how often our queried word has been translated into the exact match.

Sin título

To discover more, you can check out the following video presentation or try Linguee by yourself!


Published and written by Leila Rakib. May 30th, 2014.

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Wikipedia Visualization

This is a good example of Wikipedia Visualization. You can check it in the page below.


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Having Grandma make us more Older.

Miss Yaxi

Que los seres humanos vivan más tiempo que los chimpancés es algo que deberíamos agradecerle a las abuelas, según concluye un estudio antropológico coordinado por Kristen Hawkes, de la Universidad de Utah (Estados Unidos), y publicado en Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Sus resultados se basan en una simulación por ordenador que avala matemáticamente la denominada “hipótesis de las abuelas”,

propuesta en 1997 y según la cual cuando ciertas mujeres, pasada la edad fértil, sobrevivieron ayudaron a sus hijas a alimentar a los nietos, permitieron a su prole tener más descendencia en intervalos más cortos porque no debían ocuparse solas de la alimentación de los bebés tras el destete. De esta manera, a las abuelas longevas pasaron los genes que aumentaban la esperanza de vida a sus nietos. Concretamente, el nuevo trabajo demuestra que los cuidados de las abuelas a sus nietos pueden aumentar hasta en 49…

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WCP Plan Introductory Post

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Vicente Ferrer Foundation is a Non Governmental Development Organization that has as main objective to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities of India. The Organization was founded by Ane and Vicente Ferrer. It was created in India in 1969, then, its first office opened in Spain in 1996. The Organization has a team with more than 2,200 people in both countries.

As a NGDO the support of volunteers  it is essential for the correct functionality of the Organization, , VF Foundation know that to gain people interested in helping, the tools that the Internet and Social networks give are a very useful way to get their attention. Nowadays, people use a lot the internet as it gives us many facilities and advantages. Taking this into account, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation uses many tools from the Internet to promote their Foundation and spread to more people. They use Twitter, Facebook and, also, they own a Webpage, in all these social networks they have built up a personal digital identity that represents the realistic values and ethics of their Organization; of course, having a proper digital identity on the net is essential to success in the aim of gaining more devotees, and in this case, it is vital because of being a non-governmental organization. Moreover, in their Webpage we can see how the foundation works, and how they have a transparent management. Just for giving an example, in their webpage they have graphics of how they administrate the money they receive from volunteers, in fact, they show that almost all of the income comes from private funds, reaching a 78, 64% of the total.

After saying all this, although the foundation does not want to determine an exact age to be part of the organization or help in some way, it is clear that the way they use social networks is focus on the attention of adult public, they do know that it is more realistic to focus on this public because they are the ones who work and have money, and in the most cases, the ones who are more interested and involved. On the social networks, they use a simple but elaborated vocabulary in order to expose a serious and important representation, they try to be as close as possible to the volunteers and due to this they share photos and experiences of the team foundation and other volunteers so as to show new followers how they do their voluntary work and to show which contributions they make every day with volunteers money.

In addition, as Vicente Ferrer is an international Organization they publish their posts, tweets and information in English and Spanish, they own several accounts for each language.

In the next post of my Web Communication plan, I will explain in detail how Vicente Ferrer Foundation uses these tools to interact, spread and promote their organization, in other words, which is their aim of using these applications. For the moment, if you want to find out more information about this incredible organization you can look in their webpage:

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Shop Strategy Post

Internet is a great way to promote business and enterprises. Nowadays, social networks and internet application are becoming essential parts of promoting business. These interactive tools give us the chance to be closer to the costumers and find out what their interests are. We own a small business dedicated to the renting of limousines, it is called “Party Limo” and to promote our small enterprise we are going to use the advantages that social networks give.

First, it is important to create our personal identity for the enterprise, what we show in the internet is going to be the image we want to give to our customers. So, we have to be careful about what we show, in other words, we want to show a unique identity for our enterprise, a clear identity that pass on a service for all kind of persons and head for all ages. Furthermore, we think it is important to be different from other companies that offer the same services as we do, so it is essential to have a unique identity on the cyberspace. As Oscar Fernandez Cuneo states, a marketing consultant, “If you want to have a successful business, you must enter the cyberspace”.

We have decided that the main internet tools we are going to use are going to be the famous social networks: Twitter and Facebook. Both social networks have many advantages, furthermore, on one hand, Twitter is one of the most known social networks and it allows interacting with people from all ages and parts of the world. Also, it is a perfect way to give a quick piece of information of what our enterprises offers and to answers customers doubts and questions in an easy and fast way. On the other hand, Facebook is a perfect tool to share photos of our service and to explain in a more detailed way what we offer. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to see how many people like our page, in other words, how our enterprise is growing up and how is becoming more famous and which kind of people look for our services. For the moment, we just want to join this social network and in the future, we would like to join more social networks to connect with different people, but, first, we want to see the reactions to our Twitter and Facebook accounts in relation with our enterprise.

Before explaining our strategy, as we wanted to be different from other shops that give the same services as us, we have looked for and investigated which have been the options they have used. We found out that these shops are very active in different social networks, as for example Twitter or Facebook. They clearly show what they offer and the facilities they gave, as for example their timetable or how much costs to rent a limousine. We took all the information into account and one of the points that most looked simple but was decisive was to choose a name for the twitter account, we have chosen a simple and easy name to look for and that perfectly describes our company (@PartyLimo)

The strategy we are going to use is simple but clear. In our twitter profile we are showing all our contact details, as they are: email, telephone and fax number and address. We want to clearly show that it is very easy to contact with our enterprise, because as we rent limousines and they are mainly for special events and parties, it is important to show that our customers can contact us at any time of the day, because as we all know parties can be hold at any time (and so do problems)! Moreover, we think it is a good idea to update our tweets and to add news every day because it shows that we are worried and connected with our customers. In addition, another excellent facility that Twitter gives us is the chance to share photos. Photographs are a really great way to show our customers how our enterprise work and how our services are. Facebook, also, gives the chance to share many photographs and to put them on in albums. With Facebook, we want to share the most detailed information of our Party Limo enterprise, on Facebook it is possible to create a page, so with this page we want to share information about the enterprise, as our working ours, all we offer to our customers, which promotion or discounts might be and of course, our contact details. With this Facebook page, we want to see how many “likes” we obtain as our enterprise grows and, also, we think it is very useful to use the social networks to get our customers opinion and see how can deal with them and improve our services. Therefore, to do best with our enterprise’s goals, that is to satisfy our customers giving them a successful service.

To conclude, with this strategy we want to learn and put on practice all the advantages that social networks give us in order to get a successful enterprise. Nowadays, being part of the cyberspace, as social networks or webpages, is essential to promote business.

So, if you want to have the best party ever and to enjoy our services, you know how to contact us!

Twitter: @PartyLimo

Facebook page: Party Limo – Limousines Renting

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Shop strategy points


  • social networks, digital identity, regulation, microblogging, tweet aggregation, active inteligence.

My structure:

  • Title, Abstract (1), Introduction (1), What other shops do?,
  • Our idea (2): Social networks, digital identity, regulation, microblogging, tweet aggregation, collective intelligence
  • The details: 5
  • The shop opinion/what it gets from this conclusion. (0.5)

1000 words

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